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MegaChips Key Technologies

MegaChips owns a broad variety of Intellectual Property (IP) building blocks which are essential to the development of complex SoCs in a timely manner. We also have the requisite application knowledge to put these building blocks to good use.

The most recent expansion of our IP portfolio is in the area of Edge AI. We believe that Edge AI IP and software will make their way into the majority of our products in the future. We are prepared to advise our customers on the best way to implement the desired level of AI features, whether it be software or hardware and which particular IP is best suited to their application.

Artificial Intelligence

Edge AI/ML

MegaChips has made major internal and external investments in Edge AI/IP and associated training to allow us to provide the most comprehensive and in-depth support to our customers needing to incorporate artificial intelligence functionality into their products.

QuadricBrainchip In particular, we have developed strategic partnerships with two leading AI/IP vendors, Brainchip and Quadric.io, allowing us to support our customers directly in the evaluation, integration, and production of SoCs using these powerful building blocks.

MegaChips understands the need to support a wide range of IP in this fast-evolving space to meet our customer needs. We are therefore eager to work with other AI/IP vendors to help them prove their IP in silicon and to move it into production as quickly as possible with our mutual customer.

Analog Signal Processing

Analog/Digital Converters

  • Broad collection of ADC/DAC
  • Available in process technologies from 16nm to 180nm
  • Maximum data rates to 6.8Gsps @ 12bits
  • Contact MegaChips for information on other analog IP we have in our portfolio

Image Processing

Broad selection of IP used in digital camera applications

  • Sensor interface
  • Sensor data processing
  • Image processing
  • Compression/Decompression
  • AI processing for motion detection, face recognition, gesture recognition, etc.
10 Gbps SerDes

10 Gbps SerDes

A digital signal serializer/deserializer technology for high-speed communications at more then 10Gbps. Features include not only digital signal processing but also equalization to compensate channel loss, clock and date recovery (CDR), and other technologies to achieve small area and low power.


  • Burst-mode CDR to realize fast lock time
  • Burst-mode for Passive Optical Network (PON) OLT
  • Low jitter performance to meet PON requirements
  • Feed-Forward Equalizer (FFE) function
Automotive: Ethernet PHY

Automotive: Ethernet PHY

  • Technology and application knowledge in DSP and Functional Safety for Automotive PHY implementation @100Mbps
  • Development process compliant to/meets the quality defined by ISO26262
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