Profile and History

MegaChips at a Glance (as of June 26, 2019)

Company Name MegaChips Corporation
Date Founded April 4, 1990
President & CEO Tetsuo Hikawa
Date of Settlement of Accounts March 31 of each year
Capital 4,840 million yen
Number of Employees 719 (as of the end of March 2019 on a consolidated basis)
Business Activities Provide total solution from design and development to manufacturing for MEMS Timing Device and State-of-the-art LSIs produced by
full use of our unique analog, digital and MEMS technology.
Office Head Office

Shin-Osaka Hankyu Building 1-1-1 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku Osaka 532-0003



Tokyo Office

17-6 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0082



Makuhari Office

1-3 Nakase, Mihama-ku Chiba 261-8501



Global Network Please see Global Network
Management Philosophy Transform the world we live in by enabling everyday life through innovation with technology, that is designed for people and engineered
for performance.
MegaChips’ Mission Help people achieve healthier, safer and more fulfilling lives while protecting the global environment, based on sophisticated
technological capabilities.
  • Treasure customers and partners through strong relationships andmutual trust.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship, gather wisdom and display collective strength.
  • Emphasize creativity and innovation, and continually seek to take on new challenges.
  • Make timely decisions, and execute them with speed.
  • Clarify objectives, goals and authority, and enforce them with trust and solidarity.
  • Emphasize personal initiative, and tolerate constructive errors.
  • Constantly look to the future, and make a total commitment of intellect and wisdom.
Notable Milestones
  • 1990: Founded as a division of Kawasaki Steel
  • 1997: Decided to adopt the fabless ASIC supplier business model; established relationship with Chartered
  • 1999: Added UMC as a foundry
  • 2001: K-micro spun-off from Kawasaki Steel, becoming an independent company
  • 2002: Added TSMC as a foundry
  • 2003: Added Chinese foundry He Jian
  • 2004: Adopted consistent worldwide name and brand and expanded into Europe
  • 2005: Released the Topaz Development system
  • 2006: India Branch opened
  • 2008 Released the CatsEye Development system
  • 2009 10G SERDES for EPON OLT released
  • 2011 sample world’s first IEEE 1901 fully compliant power line communication LSI chip set
  • 2012 MegaChips acquires K-micro
  • 2013
    • K-micro changes name to MegaChips Technology America Corporation
    • MegaChips Taiwan Corporation is established as regional headquarters in Asia.
  • 2014
    • MegaChips Taiwan makes Modiotek Co., Ltd. a subsidiary.
    • MegaChips Technology America Corporation acquires DisplayPort business from STMicroelectronics.
    • MegaChips acquires SiTime Corporation and enters into timing device market.
  • 2019 MegaChips transfers its System Product Division to Sense Things Japan INC., a consolidated subsidiary of Mamezou Holdings
    Co., LTD.
Design Centers Makuhari, Osaka, San Jose
Why MegaChips ASIC? Advanced ASIC Technology

  • Advanced ASIC Technology:
    • SerDes, including Patented Adaptive Receive Equalization, CEI 11G/6G & lower-speed SerDes, Fast-lock CDR for PON, PCI
    • Low-power design techniques, including voltage islands and clock gating
    • Broad IP portfolio, including ARM, MIPS, Ceva DSPs, StarCore DSPs, Sonics, SafeNet, Embedded TCAM, SPI4.2
    • Hierarchical design flow for multi-million gate designs
    • Advanced testing, including high-speed at-speed and delay fault
    • Topaz computing sub-system
  • Affordable:
    • Highly efficient manufacturing, focused on core competencies
    • Economies-of-scale via large unit volumes shipped to consumer and LCD display customers