Profile and History

MegaChips at a Glance (as of June 26, 2020)

Company Name MegaChips Corporation
Date Founded April 4, 1990
President & CEO Tetsuo Hikawa
Date of Settlement of Accounts March 31 of each year
Capital 4,840 million yen
Number of Employees 588 (as of the end of March 2020 on a consolidated basis)
Business Activities Provide total solution from design and development to manufacturing for MEMS Timing Device and State-of-the-art LSIs produced by
full use of our unique analog, digital and MEMS technology.
Office Head Office

Shin-Osaka Hankyu Building 1-1-1 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku Osaka 532-0003



Tokyo Office

17-6 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0082



Makuhari Office

1-3 Nakase, Mihama-ku Chiba 261-8501



Global Network Please see Global Network
Management Philosophy “Innovation” : Innovative ideas, methods and practices to fuel our growth
“Trust” : Be a trustworthy partner with customers and suppliers
“Creation” : Create products that benefit society
MegaChips’ Mission Help people achieve healthier, safer and more fulfilling lives while protecting the global environment, based on sophisticated
technological capabilities.
  • Treasure customers and partners through strong relationships andmutual trust.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship, gather wisdom and display collective strength.
  • Emphasize creativity and innovation, and continually seek to take on new challenges.
  • Make timely decisions, and execute them with speed.
  • Clarify objectives, goals and authority, and enforce them with trust and solidarity.
  • Emphasize personal initiative, and tolerate constructive errors.
  • Constantly look to the future, and make a total commitment of intellect and wisdom.
Notable Milestones
  • 1990: Founded as a division of Kawasaki Steel
  • 1997: Decided to adopt the fabless ASIC supplier business model; established relationship with Chartered
  • 1999: Added UMC as a foundry
  • 2001: K-micro spun-off from Kawasaki Steel, becoming an independent company
  • 2002: Added TSMC as a foundry
  • 2003: Added Chinese foundry He Jian
  • 2004: Adopted consistent worldwide name and brand and expanded into Europe
  • 2005: Released the Topaz Development system
  • 2006: India Branch opened
  • 2008 Released the CatsEye Development system
  • 2009 10G SERDES for EPON OLT released
  • 2011 sample world’s first IEEE 1901 fully compliant power line communication LSI chip set
  • 2012 MegaChips acquires K-micro
  • 2013
    • K-micro changes name to MegaChips Technology America Corporation
    • MegaChips Taiwan Corporation is established as regional headquarters in Asia.
  • 2014
    • MegaChips Taiwan makes Modiotek Co., Ltd. a subsidiary.
    • MegaChips Technology America Corporation acquires DisplayPort business from STMicroelectronics.
    • MegaChips acquires SiTime Corporation and enters into timing device market.
  • 2019 MegaChips transfers its System Product Division to Sense Things Japan INC., a consolidated subsidiary of Mamezou Holdings
    Co., LTD.
Design Centers Makuhari, Osaka, San Jose
Why MegaChips ASIC? Advanced ASIC Technology

  • Advanced ASIC Technology:
    • SerDes, including Patented Adaptive Receive Equalization, CEI 11G/6G & lower-speed SerDes, Fast-lock CDR for PON, PCI
    • Low-power design techniques, including voltage islands and clock gating
    • Broad IP portfolio, including ARM, MIPS, Ceva DSPs, StarCore DSPs, Sonics, SafeNet, Embedded TCAM, SPI4.2
    • Hierarchical design flow for multi-million gate designs
    • Advanced testing, including high-speed at-speed and delay fault
    • Topaz computing sub-system
  • Affordable:
    • Highly efficient manufacturing, focused on core competencies
    • Economies-of-scale via large unit volumes shipped to consumer and LCD display customers