MegaChips Identity

Management philosophy

Three Commitments

  • “Innovation” : Innovative ideas, methods and practices to fuel our growth
  • “Trust”         : Be a trustworthy partner with customers and suppliers
  • “Creation”    : Create products that benefit society

Management principles

  1. Happy, passionate, and satisfied employees are the core of our success
  2. Remain an independent leader in the dynamic industry

Code of Conduct


  1. Be proactive, take ownership, and follow through with your commitments
  2. Make timely decisions and take quick actions


  1. Use collaboration and teamwork for the success of company
  2. Use our diversity to enhance our creativity


  1. Challenge conventional thinking
  2. Think how we can do it, not why we cannot do it

Management Policies

The company is managed by democratic leadership

  1. Share information freely, within the limits of confidentiality constraints
  2. Consult others and make informed decisions

People are our most valued resource

  1. Promote personal and professional growth for our people
  2. Inspire our people to take chances and think outside the box

MegaChips mission

Help people achieve safety, security, and fulfilling lives, while protecting the global environment, based on sophisticated technological capabilities.

Corporate vision

To be a global enterprise that “continues providing systems solutions in addition to the creation of new applications.”