CSR Policy

Societal Contribution by Creating Globally-Needed Products and Services using Our Advanced Technology

MegaChips has a “corporate mission” to help people achieve safer, secure, and more fulfilling lives, while protecting the global environment. We view this as our corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We believe that our social responsibility as a global company drives us to provide system solutions for today and the future.

At MegaChips social contribution is a “management philosophy” and every employee acts in accordance with this principle.

MegaChips mission

Help people achieve safety, security, and fulfilling lives, while protecting the global environment, based on sophisticated technological capabilities.

Management philosophy

Three Commitments

  • “Innovation” : Innovative ideas, methods and practices to fuel our growth
  • “Trust”         : Be a trustworthy partner with customers and suppliers
  • “Creation”    : Create products that benefit society