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MegaChips ASIC Solutions

From Turnkey to COT

MegaChips has over 30 years of experience delivering custom ASIC products and services to a wide range of customers. With strong internal design skills in AI, analog, image processing and other key technologies, we can take your design specification and turn it into a cost-effective, high quality SoC. 

If you’ve already done the design work, we are happy to take your RTL, netlist, or GDS files and combine them with our strong foundry, packaging, testing, and qualification skills to deliver a high-volume production part.

ASIC Solutions

Why MegaChips For Your ASIC/SoC?

MegaChips offers:

Full Service Semiconductor Supplier

Full Service Semiconductor Supplier

Extensive Expertise & Engineering Resources

Extensive Expertise & Engineering Resources

Access to Extensive Eco System & IP

Access to extensive eco system and IP

Single point of contact for all aspects of SoC development

Single point of contact for all aspects of SoC development

Custom ASIC and IP Foundry Services

MegaChips works with leading foundries around the world to provide the widest range of process technologies and manufacturing location alternatives of any custom ASIC vendor.  Whether you need the latest 5nm technology or more cost effective process alternatives at 22 nm or larger, MegaChips can match you and your design with the best foundry alternative for your company and your design.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.

United Microelectronics Corp.

Global Foundries

Samsung Foundry


Highly Efficient Manufacturing

Focused on core competencies (design center, full-custom IP development, including SerDes, quality and reliability and supply chain management)


Via large unit volumes shipped to consumer and LCD display customers (leads to lower costs)

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