Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Megachips is dedicated to bringing a broad range of solutions to customers building products requiring “Edge AI” capability. Megachips has partnered with two leading Edge AI/IP vendors to enable us to deliver the optimal solutions with comprehensive design and manufacturing support.

AI Enablement Program

MegaChips has introduced a unique program to support both systems companies embedding AI into their products and IP companies who need to demonstrate their unique capabilities to their customers. 

Features and Benefits of the Program – for systems companies

  • Dedicated team of engineers and FAE’s to work with our customers to identify the best way to implement their desired AI functionality
  • A variety of software and hardware demonstrations which feature the implementation of different AI algorithms on different platforms
  • The ability to develop custom “proof of concept” demonstrations to illustrate and validate a customers desired functionality
  • Help customer optimize AI solution in context of complete system – including foundry process node

Features and Benefits of the Program – for IP vendors

  • Opportunity to partner with MegaChips in joint sales and marketing programs
  • Allow the IP vendor to focus on their key strengths.
  • Eliminate the need for the IP vendor to find and hire a back-end chip implementation team and develop relationships with foundries, assembly vendors, etc.
  • Provide strong partnership based on our AI system and implementation skills
  • Help IP vendor choose the best process node based on the target market and cost of implementation of final customer’s SoC
  • Ensure top quality for the final product

Brainchip features a unique neuromorphic processor which takes advantage of the sparse data streams associated with most edge applications to provide a very low power solution while maintaining high performance.  The small footprint of the Brainchip IP makes it an ideal solution for low power, high volume applications.

Megachips’ engineering team is fully trained on Brainchip software and hardware and is prepared to work directly with our customers to evaluate the performance of the Brainchip Solution in your product.

Once selected MegaChips will work closely with our customers throughout the product development cycle, including licensing the SDK hardware and software, provide NN model consulting, and ensure the final design can be efficiently implemented into silicon.

Key Features

Key Applications


Quadric offers a unique “Vortex Core Architecture” which is unique in its ability to accelerate all steps in the processing of data from a variety of sensors. Typical AI engines only accelerate the Neural Network (NN) processing, while signal conditioning, non-maximal suppression, and other processing steps are normally done by the host processor.

This unique solution provides optimal performance in many demanding applications and offers the flexibility to adapt to new NN processing algorithms as they emerge.

Key Features

Key Applications

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