BrainChip and MegaChips Form Strategic Partnership

MegaChips to start providing ultra-low power and high-performance AI solutions


Osaka, Japan. — November 22, 2021 — MegaChips has announced a strategic partnership with BrainChip Holdings Ltd, an Australian AI solutions provider that delivers ultra-low power and high-performance artificial intelligence technology, to acquire BrainChips next generation edge-based AI solution, BrainChip Akida™ IP. Through this partnership, this will enable us to leverage the BrainChip Akida™ IP to provide our customers with unique and innovative applications including home automation, remote controls, industrial IoT, robotics, security cameras, sensors, unmanned aircraft, autonomous vehicles, medical instruments, object detection, sound detection, odor and taste detection, gesture control, cybersecurity.

In light of the expanding IoT market, MegaChips will provide AI solutions at the edge using this innovative technology. As a precursor to this effort, MegaChips has entered into a strategic partnership with BrainChip to contribute to the innovation of the Edge AI market through the following initiatives.

  • Introduced Japan’s first commercial AI chip to the market
  • Development of innovative LSIs as a silicon partner of BrainChip
  • Creation of new markets through joint marketing

“This strategic partnership will enable us to easily achieve high performance, small size and ultra-low power consumption artificial intelligence solutions, to contribute to problem solving for our customers by integrating Akida’s innovative technology into our ASIC solution services in markets such as automotive, IoT, cameras, gaming and industrial robotics. We look forward to making a significant contribution through this partnership to MegaChips’ new business expansion in the future,” said Mr. Tetsuo Hikawa, President of MegaChips

“The MegaChips and BrainChip partnership furthers both companies mission to offer unprecedented products,” said Rob Telson, BrainChip Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “By providing Akida’s on-chip learning and ultra-low power Edge AI capabilities as an integrated technology in MegaChips ASIC solutions, we are able to bring practical, cutting-edge capabilities to the edge that ensure power efficiency without compromising accuracy, run autonomously for incremental learning without the need to transport data from the edge to the cloud. This is an exciting collaboration from both a business perspective as well as from an industry-altering aspect.”

About MegaChips Corporation (1st section of the TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange): 6875)
Since its establishment in 1990 as Japan’s first fabless system LSI manufacturer, MegaChips has specialized in research and development to refine its proprietary technologies and develop unique LSIs As market needs become more complex due to rapid innovation in information technology, MegaChips will continue to provide ICs and SOCs that make full use of its unique analog and digital technologies, providing total solutions from design to development and production on a global scale. MegaChips will focus on growth areas such as automotive, industrial equipment, 5G communication infrastructure and FA.

About BrainChip Holdings Ltd (ASX: BRN, OTCQX: BCHPY)
BrainChip is a global technology company that is producing a groundbreaking neuromorphic processor that brings artificial intelligence to the edge in a way that is beyond the capabilities of other products. The chip is high performance, small, ultra-low power and enables a wide array of edge capabilities that include on-chip training, learning and inference. The event based neural network processor is inspired by the spiking nature of the human brain and is implemented in an industry standard digital process. By mimicking brain processing, BrainChip has pioneered a processing architecture, called Akida™, which is both scalable and flexible to address the requirements in edge devices. At the edge, sensor inputs are analyzed at the point of acquisition rather than through transmission via the cloud to a data center. Akida is designed to provide a complete ultra-low power and fast AI Edge Network for vision, audio, olfactory and smart transducer applications. The reduction in system latency provides faster response and a more power efficient system that can reduce the large carbon footprint of data centers.


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