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MegaChips is a true partner for our customers, bringing advanced systems knowledge in AI, imaging, gaming, networking, and security, as well as factory and office automation to our custom ASIC customers.  Over the past 30 years, MegaChips has built a strong reputation for design success and high-quality, cost-effective volume production.

Who is MegaChips?

MegaChips is one of the world’s leading custom ASIC providers for consumer, telecom/network, industrial and automotive applications. Headquartered in Japan and with over 30 years in business, MegaChips has successfully completed more than 1,500 ASIC projects.  MegaChips operates as an extension of our customers’ design teams, to provide a complete solution from concept-to-silicon and has recently expanded to address the growing global demand for embedded AI solutions.  With a strong emphasis on cost effectiveness, delivery schedule, and product quality, MegaChips is ISO9001 certified and ensures the highest levels of intellectual property security.  MegaChips is a publicly traded company nearing $1B in revenue.

Who is MegaChips?

Latest News

Morse Micro and MegaChips Form Strategic Capital and Business Alliance

Morse Micro and MegaChips Form Strategic Capital and Business Alliance MegaChips Corporation (“Company’’) announced today its investment in Morse Micro PTY. LTD (“Morse Micro’’) to form a strategic alliance for the supply and sales activities of semiconductor and module products. Purpose of capital alliance and strategic partnership MegaChips Group pursues a strategic partnership and business

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Implementing Edge AI

Implementing Edge AI: Look Before You Leap This blog post was originally published at on behalf of MegaChips. As the need for artificial intelligence grows more common and technology needs become more sophisticated, companies looking to adopt edge AI into their products often find it to be a difficult challenge. But what makes it so

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